10 Surprising Items You Need to Avoid Storing in the Bathroom

10 Surprising Items You Need to Avoid Storing in the Bathroom
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Many of us consider the bathroom as a relaxation station and wouldn’t tread their daily grooming, cleaning, and self-care habits that take place there for anything. That’s why we tend to keep all sorts of items we use every day in the powder room.

However, a bathroom’s environment is not safe for many of the items we keep in there. Be ready because knowing what these items are may make you change your entire bathroom routine. We bet many of them are sitting there right now.

Even though certain products are specifically made to be used in the bathroom, they shouldn’t be kept there.

Here are the 10 things we use in the bathroom but need to store elsewhere and why.

10. Towels

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Towels are a necessity in the bathroom, yet, they shouldn’t be stored there. The room used for bathing is usually filled with moisture, which makes it a cozy home for mildew and mold that can easily start living in your towels.

Although it’s safe to keep one towel hung up in the bathroom as long as you replace it weekly, turning on an exhaust fan can be a better option to help dry out the room and any damp towels more quickly. Also, you may want to store extra clean towels in a closet out of the bathroom.
Remember, the exact same thing goes for bathrobes. Never leave them to air dry in the bathroom after use.

9. Medicine

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Many of us use medicine cabinets to store medicine, which makes so much sense. However, ironically, your medicine should stay out of your medicine cabinet. Supplements, vitamins, and medications should be stored at room temperature, which is not what a moisture-filled place can offer. That’s why you should avoid storing them in the bathroom, where they can become less effective or go bad before their actual expiration date.

8. Books

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Since the bathroom can be such a relaxing place, many of us like to have some newspapers, magazines, or their favorite books nearby to enjoy reading in peace and quiet while doing their business.

Although it’s really nice to have some reading material within reach, all types of paper can absorb plenty of moisture if kept in the bathroom. This will make the pages of your favorite magazines or books to become wrinkled, deteriorated, and damaged beyond repair.

7. Jewelry

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While many people prefer keeping their jewelry boxes on dressers and vanities, which is the right thing to do, many others like to have their pieces of jewelry accessible and since they usually get ready in front of the bathroom mirror, having accessories nearby is only practical. But if you care at all about your jewelry, you need to keep it out of the bathroom because the humidity can make it tarnish faster than normal, especially sterling silver.

It’s best to store your jewelry in a dry, cool place or at least keep it in an airtight bag.

6. Toothbrushes

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According to a 2012-study from Manchester University, toothbrushes might host over ten million bacteria, and that’s not all, part of it is derived from the fecal matter that spread all around the place each time you flush the toilet. (Gross!)

If you want your toothbrush to stay as germ-free as possible, you need to rinse it thoroughly after each use and let it air-dry. And if you must keep your toothbrushes in the bathroom, make sure to always close the toilet lid before flushing and avoid storing any brushes, sponges, or towels next to the toilet, which can be loaded with nasty germs.

5. Makeup

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You should never keep your beloved/most used makeup products in the bathroom no matter how practical it can be for you because they’re left exposed to plenty of damaging moisture and heat. This makes mold and all sorts of germs and bacteria to spread and cause your makeup products go very bad very quickly.

Moreover, your makeup brushes should stay out of the bathroom as well. Just like toothbrushes, they can get contaminated with the nastiest germs following a toilet flush and, of course, no one wants such things to end up on their pretty faces.

4. Perfume

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Your bathroom gets hot and steamy regularly, and most of us simply don’t know that heat and perfume make a very bad combination. According to experts, if you want your perfume to stay fresh and keep its strong smell, you should never store in the bathroom because the fluctuations in temperature can easily damage your fragrance’s molecular integrity, causing it to turn sour.

3. Nail polish

Nail polish
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Normally, almost any nail polish would be able to last around a couple of years. But if you tend to keep your nail polishes in the bathroom, then you shouldn’t be surprised when you notice how they’re turning bad, too thick, or crumbly way sooner than expected. Once again, you can blame it all on your bathroom’s humidity and heat.

2. Razor blades

Razor blades
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Although it’s okay to leave the razor you’re currently using in your bathroom, you should absolutely avoid keeping extra razor blades there or else the humidity can make them dull or rusty before you even get to start using them, which is a total waste.

Also, make sure to dry your razor after every use so you can make it last longer without losing its effectiveness.

1. Non-waterproof electronics

Non-waterproof electronics
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Whether you love turning your shower to a karaoke session or simply like to enjoy a relaxing bath while listening to your favorite music, you should never bring your phone into the shower with you. Humidity can seriously damage your non-waterproof device. If you must listen to music or morning news while showering, it’s best to buy yourself a waterproof speaker.

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