7 Bathroom Cleaning Mistakes You Need to Stop Making

7 Bathroom Cleaning Mistakes You Need to Stop Making
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You’re probably scrubbing the things than only need mild wiping or overlooking really important spots or items that require more attention than you may assume.

We often want to have sparkly bathrooms without putting so much effort into cleaning and germ-eradicating because let’s face it, such tasks are literally never-ending. However, the good news is keeping a beautiful, clean bathroom doesn’t have to be so stressful.

Keep reading to know the places you need to start cleaning for the sake of your own health and hygiene, in addition to quick and effective hacks to help you keep a nice-smelling and shining bathroom.

7. Cleaning the surfaces of your bathroom at room temperature

Cleaning the surfaces of your bathroom at room temperature
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You can be simply wasting some good energy by cleaning your bathroom tiles, sink, and tub the wrong way. You can actually double the efficiency of your alkaline cleaners by heating the surfaces you wish to clean 10 degrees higher than normal room temperature. Use the hottest water to fill the sink or tub, allow it to sit for about five minutes, then scrub and rinse surfaces as usual.

6. Scrubbing your plastic shower curtains

Scrubbing your plastic shower curtains
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You should just spare your shower curtain when scrubbing bathroom areas. The easiest and most effective way to clean shower curtains is to toss them in your washing machine while adding a cup of vinegar and a few towels to a five-minute cycle. Next, let them soak in the water for about 60 minutes and turn the machine back on to resume the cycle. Finally, hang to air-dry.

5. Using paper towels

using paper towels
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Just stop wiping everything around the house with paper towels. Instead, use a microfiber cloth, which is a better and cheaper option. This type of cloth is made of ultrafine synthetic fibers that create a static charge to attract dust and dirt, allowing you to clean anything without having to use sprays. The best part about microfiber cloths is that they can be easily washed and reused over and over again, which is both environment-friendly and budget-friendly.

4. Not cleaning your toothbrush

Not cleaning your toothbrush
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Did you know that an average toothbrush may contain around ten million germs? Even worse, such germs could even include E. coli! To prevent this scary amount of germs from ending up in your system, make sure to wash your toothbrush well after every use and soak it in vinegar for half an hour every now and then to kill any remaining bacteria. Also, get a new toothbrush every 3 months, but save your old one to use it for cleaning.

3. Forgetting to vacuum

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Don’t limit your vacuum abilities to carpets only. It can actually be a lot more useful than that! When you want to clean your tile floors, make sure to start by vacuuming or at least sweeping to eliminate loose dirt and debris, then use your regular cleaning products to wash. This way, you can save time and effort in the long run by skipping the need to scrub a really dusty and dirty bathroom floor.

2. Forgetting to clean behind the toilet

Forgetting to clean behind the toilet
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This may seem very disgusting but it’s true that urine and fecal matter can easily accumulate behind the toilet, forming a gross residue that can be difficult to get rid of. While accomplishing this dirty task, it’s ok to use paper towels since the dirt you’re going to remove must end up in the garbage. So here’s how to do it: dip some paper towels in an antibacterial cleaner and wipe the toilet’s back, then, allow it to sit for at least five minutes and clean it off with dry paper towels.

1. Not cleaning your hairbrush

Not cleaning your hairbrush
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Hairbrushes are often regarded as those items we don’t really have to clean, especially if you mostly use it while showering. However, just like sponges or makeup brushes, hairbrushes can easily trap dirt, dust, oils, and hair products’ residue. And every time you use a filthy hairbrush, you transfer all of the dirt stuck on it to your hair, which is really unfair to your beautiful mane.

To clean your hairbrush, start by eliminating all hair stuck in its bristles. Then, use a mixture of 1 teaspoon of baking soda, 1 teaspoon of shampoo, and 1 cup of water, to clean between the bristles using a toothbrush you no longer need. Well, after all, your hair deserves the best!

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